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Groningen September 2nd 1781 - Schildwolde April 17th 1868



Ebe Hindrik Ebens was senior teacher  at the primary school in Scheemda, about 25 Km to the east of the city of Groningen. After his death in 1868, Ebe Hindrik Ebens was buried at the foot of the tower of Scheemda.

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Ebe hindrik Ebens was married to Liefdina Knijpinga and together they had 12 children, 9 sons and 3 daughters, of whom 5 remained childless. However, 5 of the sons formed families and all people carrying the family name of Ebens today are believed to descent from one of these sons of Ebe Hindrik Ebens. Consequently, Ebe Hindrik Ebens is the Ancestor of all people with the family name of 'Ebens' living today.

Rijko Ebens
Groningen, the Netherlands
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